As we continue in our efforts to provide our patients with the highest quality of care, we are constantly looking for methods of working together with you to ensure that you are not only aware of, but also involved in the management and improvement of your health.

Remember that this Patient Portal IS NOT FOR EMERGENCY OR URGENT SITUATIONS.  If you have an emergency, always call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

We are proud to inform you that our practice now offers the opportunity to use the power of the web to track the most important aspects of your healthcare through our office.  The Patient Portal enables our patients to communicate with our doctors, nurses, and staff members easily, safely, and securely via the Internet.

Participating patients are given secure User IDs and passwords, enabling them to access the Portal to view their personal and private documents including lab results, medication lists, educational information, billing statements, and other health information.

Through the Patient Portal, you are able to:

  • ask questions of doctors, nurses, and staff members
  • request prescription refills
  • view lab results (if the labs are done through PAL)
  • request a call back to set up an appointment
  • view your personal health record
  • examine your current and past statements
  • view your appointments
  • review your medication list
  • update your personal information

… all from the comfort of your home, or on a free phone app from the App Store called Healow, whenever it is convenient for you!

By using the Patient Portal, you no longer have to call the office, leave a message, and wait for a response to get the results of your lab work; those results will be available to you through the Portal.  You can also send a message to the office through the Portal and expect a reply in a reasonable amount of time.

To learn more or to sign up, contact our office today at 661-695-8385. Or, click here,  and follow the directions to register.

Begin today to take an active role in managing your healthcare!


Yours truly,

Rheumatology Services Medical Group


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